Roskilde Festival day 4: Band break day and Swedes going nuts

J.N. July 4, 2018

Roskilde Festival day no.4 was a day off work in terms of going to gigs. There was an initial plan to join the crowd on TAN but Messed!Up deserved a music free day. However, we also managed to plan for new interviews and Saturday will be a busy day running around the area to catch the bands for a chat.

After meeting up with Messed!Up’s guest photographer at the accreditation centre, we headed to the big screen to watch Sweden beating Switzerland in the round of sixteen in football. The latest report on festivalgoers home countries shows that Swedes are not that many at the festival anymore. From being around 25% in the nineties there’s not more than 7-8% Swedes at the festival today – but you found all of them in front of that massive screen to watch some non exciting football. 

Instead of being grumpy about football ruining the Roskilde experience we took the time to listen to what football songs Swedes sang most and alongside traditional Swedish snaps songs and snaps drinking to make singing easier – you’re not allowed to sing them otherwise – one of the classic Swedish football songs that were reviewed in the Sweden vs. Germany football songs battle is still the major football hit in Sweden. We really don’t understand how it helped Sweden win the game at all since it’s outrageously bad. Maybe the snaps makes it listenable?

On the other hand, when you consider that Switzerland only can come up with Piero Esteriore we can fully understand the reason why Switzerland lost the game. A slightly tanned and cheesy dude playing the piano on the pitch in a video edited by a four-year old. Once you strip everything away, look for the true meaning and really dig deep into it, it’s a really, really rubbish song. You lost Switzerland, both games.

Camp Vienna United activities

Yesterday was the hangover day in the Camp Vienna pavilion. It was quite clear that the Jam Session came with some drawbacks but after a few hours of rest it was time for some magic. The much appreciated German magician duo JoMo entertained people around the Camp Vienna pavilion with a good set of magical tricks. Unfortunately they had some limits and when the dude next to me wanted them to find him a crate of beer it was quite obvious that not everything is solved with magic.

Today it’s the Independence Day and Camp Wolfpack’s patriotism will be demonstrated in free cold beers, free merch and Dave presenting the history of America starting from 1776 and with particular focus on the history of Orlando City SC because of the football theme that’s ruining the festival. Independence Day celebrations start at 12.00 and will continue to 16.00 just before the opening of the festival area.

Photo: Martin Wilson

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Nine Inch Nails (from Roskilde 2009)

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