Roskilde Festival day 2: Heavy rock from Denmark and Olaf Vienna’s 25th Roskilde Anniversary

J.N. July 2, 2018

Hysteric Danish football fans, soar feets, a 25th Roskilde Anniversary party and the Hour of the Wolf happy hour – that’s a basic summary of the second Roskilde Festival day.

After the massive party with Camp Vienna United on the arrival day, the editor of Messed!Up had to go through one of the worst Sunday’s ever experienced. My mother once told me not to accept offers from strangers and I’m still very confused how it was possible to say “Go for it” when a Viking-looking Swedish stranger with a massive red beard walking around in a kilt told me to taste something “made in the southern forests of Sweden”. I guess you’re not too old to learn something new.

As if that wasn’t enough, the festival app told me that Sista Bossen, yesterday’s live recommendation, had to move their show to a slot after midnight because of the round of sixteen game in the FIFA World Cup between Denmark and Croatia. Haven’t we made it very clear by our articles about Swedish and German football songs that football and music don’t go well together? This made the night much tougher for the editor who wanted to go to bed at eight p.m. at latest due to the result of the first meeting with Camp Vienna United. However, I guess it wouldn’t have been fair to go onstage when everyone is watching football; you would probably feel like Tomas Ledin playing Hellfest. Time to stop whining.

Camp Vienna United activities

The day started off where with a massive blister problem and after counting it to six major blisters I decided to throw my beloved festival compadres into the trash bin and go with boots (the heat, the heat!) instead.

On the schedule were several events happening in Camp Vienna United and when I made it to their campsite Olaf Vienna had just started his 25th Roskilde Anniversary presentation, going through each and every year including some of the acitivities he had practiced during those years such as shotgunning a beer by sticking a hole in the can. And for some others in the camp this was more than enough. Messed!Up’s “I-am-not-involved-in-Messed!Up” designer Ms Anonymous also bought a small gift that the editor brought with him to hand over, a unicorn soap bubble machine which seemed to be a perfect match with Olaf’s festival haircut.

When you think everything is over and you can get 15 minutes for a nap on the ground – there were a few of those moments yesterday – the next party started. “We don’t rest” I was told. Camp Vienna United is a constellation of camps that’ve met at previous Roskilde Festival’s and one of those camps is LA/Orlando based camp Wolfpack that cross the Atlantic every year to be part of the Orange Feeling. And something you need to learn already from the start is that Americans know how to create a party.

A few minutes after Olaf’s hour-long Roskilde speech, “The Hour of the Wolf” happy hour started with free pins, stickers and, above all, Vodka Ahoi shots, basically vodka poured into brausepulver of different flavours – and free shots seem to attract most people around the campsite. The neighboring camps came running in masses. Dave and Chris, the Wolfpack crew, celebrated the hour by dressing in what seemed to be wolf costumes but they rather looked like they’ve been swallowed by a huge and hairy crocodile.

When you consider the amount of beer consumed already at four p.m. combined with the Vodka Ahoi’s handed out by Dave and Chris, it’s not hard to understand the sudden outbursts of dancing in the pavilion – and it’s not hard at all to understand that it was combined with a few sudden powernaps by those taking part of all the activities during the day, not at all. Rumours also said that cross-border love has already taken place as well. Apparently the big bearded dude who offered me some homemade Swedish drinks found a new friend in one of the Camp Vienna United’s German members. Let’s see if there will be another Swede in Hamburg next year. 

Tonight Camp Vienna United arrange their traditional Jam Session where everyone that always wanted to be a star can pick up some music gear and play a song in front of 200-300 people. Just watch the vid from last year. You don’t need to be good, you don’t even need something to play – just improvise!

Festival gigs

Beacuse of the World Cup game the concert schedule had to change quite much and although my ambition still was to stay awake until Sista Bossen’s show I couldn’t get myself together after the first party night with Camp Vienna United. Instead I ended up at a great Alcabean gig on the Rising stage. To be honest I haven’t heard more songs than those on the Roskilde Spotify playlist and they didn’t made enough impression to mark them as something to watch in the schedule, but this was awesome. 

Alcabean is a Copenhagen four-piece playing a combination of heavy distorted rock music with indie rock vibes and they’re certainly at their best when you see them perform live. You don’t get that heavy rock feeling when listening to their records but as most of you probably now, live performances are something completely different and they sure brought in a huge crowd although they started to play while Denmark – their home country – still were kicking a stupid football on a field somewhere in Russia. Most striking was the aggressive performance on stage, perfectly matching the distorted guitar rock pouring out from the amps. Maybe time to add them to the Spotify list.

Since I had decided to try to stay awake to Sista Bossen the joining photographer told me that some black metal would do the trick. Let’s just say that I’m not a black metal dude and therefore won’t review the Slaegt gig.


Today it’s yet two great bands onstage. First out is Rome Is Not A Town, a Swedish four-piece we interviewed in Hamburg a few weeks ago (published in short), playing aggressive shoegaze indie rock combined with the attitude of Savages. Later tonight we join the crowds for yet another Swedish band from the editors’s hometown Gothenburg. Pale Honey will close the night on the Rising stage but before that we’re having an interview with band members Nelly and Tuva.

Messed!Up daily gig recommendations:

Rome Is Not A Town

Pale Honey

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