Roskilde Festival day 1: Arrival

J.N. July 1, 2018

The first day of the Roskilde Festival is a traveling experience. Whether I lived in London, Linköping, Gothenburg or, as today, Hamburg it’s always one week of planning for the trip before leaving home. This year it was slightly different though since I was invited by Camp Vienna United who picked me up in front of the Hamburg mansion for a five hour trip to Roskilde. And if you’re like me who can’t always find the charm of traveling we’ll skip the boring part and start off at arrival in Roskilde where around 40 000 festivalgoers already were having a blast in the waiting area with a few cold beers, really hot weather and oversized audio systems.

Considering the amount of people arriving the first day it’s rather well organized in terms of picking up the media accreditation, finding the media camp (thanks to the very helpful young lad helping me out with the tent) and to get the direction to the press area to hand in all the gear needed for eight days – a really smooth process saving a significant amount of beer time. 

After a thirty-minute walk to Camp Vienna United in the Settle ‘n Celebrate area on the festival ground it was obvious that I’ve forgotten the memories from last year and repeated a crucial mistake: why in hell do you bring a pair of Converse that were worn-out already for five years ago!? There are blisters everywhere! Can’t hardly walk today. Stupidity!

Settle n’ Celebrate started as an experiment by Roskilde Festival together with cooperating communities to strengthen the unique camp feeling at the festival. Camps have to apply and will be given a campsite if they contribute to the festival experience of other camps, and in the case of Camp Vienna United their main contribution is the Jam Session on Monday evening. But Mario explains that there’s loads of things that have to be done at arrival and before the party could start there was a pavilion to build, flag poles to rise and tents to put up.

Just a few hours later, before dawn, it’s done and the party starts by celebrating camp member Mirco’s 42nd birthday – and apparently you do it with tequila (no, it wasn’t an easy morning). Camp members arrive during the night and at midnight almost the full crew is onsite and beers are handed around. My very soar feet – damn Converse – required many beers to get through the night (and walk those two kilometers back to my own tent) and beers come with some sort of dizzyness every time – strange isn’t it? – why the first review of festival life will has to stop here.

Today the pre-festival starts with two stages and loads of new and exciting bands from the Scandinavian countries, a sort of showcase festival for the Nordic music scene. Messed!Up will follow many of these bands starting with Miriam Bryant and later tonight high-energy punk rockers Sista Bossen. And we will of course cover today’s Camp Vienna United celebration of Olaf Vienna’s 25th Roskilde Festival Anniversary – come and join! And leave the tequila home tonight, ok?

Messed!Up daily gig recommendations:

Sista Bossen

Miriam Bryant

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