We Three on the Origin Story of ‘Love Me’, The Cost Of Honest Lyrics & Fan Adoration: Interview

It was an absolute delight chatting to the brilliant We Three on their ‘Love Me’ tour again after seeing them in Auckland earlier this year. As excited as we were to see these guys, turns out EyesClosed’s questions were not as light-hearted so we dove right into the raw stuff. Joshua, Manny and Bethany share details about the production of their new album, the necessity of addressing uncomfortable subject matter in ‘Hell As Well’ and the balancing act of maintaining a healthy sense of self while being idolized by hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world.

We also discuss the emotional new song ‘Six Feet Deep’ – which nearly didn’t get released… Last but not least, watch Joshua throw me off with his response to the question on who his favorite character from The Office is (For the record: the character in question does in fact first appear during a guerilla car recruitment scene…)


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