Messed!Up’s Top50 songs 2022

Yes, it’s has arrived, the playlist with the tracks that defined this bizarre year. The only consistent thing this year was terrible news and terrific music to get us through it. This was the year the music would not stop.

This is probably the weirdest playlist you will listen to this year, which happens when you put pop punkers, punk rockers, electro poppers and clubbers to decide the best songs of the year. But Messed!Up’s writers picked the songs that deserve to have made more impact and most of it you won’t find at the Billboard Music Charts.


1. Placebo: ”Surrounded By Spies”
2. Sharon Van Etten: ”Mistakes“
3. The Mysterines: “Life’s A Bitch (But I Like It So Much)”
4. The Baboon Show: ”Have A Party With Me”
5. LIE NING: ”utopia”
6. The Chats: ”6L GTR”
8. Orochen: ”Teeth Of Glass“
9. Corella: “Do You Want It?”
10. Beach House: ”New Romance”
11. KOKOKO!: ”Nasali Nini”
12. Spangled: ”CHARLIE HILLS”
13. Kite: ”Panic Music”
14. Clutch: ”Three Golden Horns”
15. Soccer Mommy: ”Shotgun”
16. Alex Cameron: ”Sara Jo”
17. Sam Quealy: ”Groove Jungle”
18. Fjørt: ”kolt”
19. Bandit: ”Vagabond”
20. Rammstein: ”Angst”
21. Big Thief: ”Simulation Swarm”
22. Feeder: ”Decompress”
23. Freekind.: ”Visualize”
24. Suede: ”It’s Always The Quiet Ones”
25. The Good, The Bad And The Zugly: ”The PKA Took My Money Away”
26. Placebo: ”Chemtrails”
27. Editors: ”Picturesque”
28. The Hellacopters: ”So Sorry I Could Die”
29. Skynd: ”John Wane Gacy”
30. Nilüfer Yanya: ”Rid Of Me”
31. Little Jinder: ”Solnedgångar”
32. Tomy Wahl: ”Mulholland Drive”
33. Ett Dödens Maskineri: ”Alliansens Nya Ryttare”
34. Luzifer: ”Hexer (In Dreiteufelsnamen)”
35. PLANET: ”One To Keep You”
36. Mantar: ”Hang Em Low (So The Rats Can Get Em)”
37. Gundelach: ”Vinter”
38. THUMPER: “25”
39. CHILD: ”Billion Years Of Darkness”
40. Spoon: ”Wild”
41. Son Mieux: ”Multicolor”
42. Perel: ”Real”
43. Zeal & Ardor: ”Götterdämmerung”
44. Billy Idol: ”Running From The Ghost”
45. Editors: ”Karma Climb”
46. Jonathan Johansson: ”Amerika”
47. EKKSTACY: ”im so happy”
48. The Hellacopters: ”Eleanor Rigby”
49. PICTURES: ”Mobile”
50. Krakow Loves Adana: ”When The Storm Comes”



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Music researcher with an unhealthy passion for music and music festivals. Former studio owner, semi-functional drummer and with a fairly good collection of old analogue synthesizers from the 70's. Indie rock, post rock, electronic/industrial and drum & bass (kind of a mix, yeah?) are usual stuff in my playlists but everything that sounds good will fit in.