BLOND @Knust (Hamburg): Review

It’s hard to describe what you’ve been through after seventy minutes of BLOND and songs about irrelevant things in life (or maybe songs about spinach is relevant?) combined with loads of bantering on stage. But one thing’s for sure: it’s not often you leave a show and have learned a few new dance moves or whispering lyrics about spinach on the metro back home. BLOND is something you rarely experience anymore; it’s an amazing stand-up comedy experience and it’s awesome for learning new moves – and in between, they play some tunes as well.

Between the catchy choruses and the changing, colored lights, stage banter is there to raise the concert to a whole other level of memorability, and watching BLOND is like watching a revolution unfold beneath spotlights. They’re the perfect combination of stand-up comedy, musical cabaret, and podcast bantering (the Kummer sisters in the band actually run a weekly podcast). Lead vocalist and guitarist Nina Kummer’s bantering with her drummer sister Lina is not only entertaining, it sets the vibe for the whole show. The ability to effectively go up and “wing it” is perfected. In fact, the bantering is entertaining to a point that I would’ve loved to see them do a stand-up comedy show in between record releases and gigs.

But it’s even more amusing to see the third and often a quite anonymous band member, multi-instrumentalist (and awesome bassist) Johann Bonitz, getting a sudden rap outburst and leaving his spot behind the keys/bass for a few seconds. Not to forget the clothes changes! The band rips off layer after layer of clothes (we discussed how hot it must be during the first part of the show with three layers on) while they perform their weird choreography, like the Franzbrötchen dance, as the show progresses.  

And the energy at the venue; it was insane! The crowd consisted mostly of long-time fans that had been waiting too long to see their favorite band – the pandemic postponed the tour – and in many cases even for the first time considering that the average age this night didn’t stretch far beyond sixteen. But the crowd was already game and sang along when the support act Power Plush did their show, and they just raised the volume of their throats a bit and continued when BLOND took the stage.

As well as the band’s usual favorites – “Es könnte grad nicht schöner sein”, “Mein boy” and “Thorsten” – there were also a few nice surprise covers thrown into the mix, such as the beautiful rendition of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and Cardi B’s “WAP”, performed with an energy that would’ve made the original artists green with envy. And that’s something to point out: it’s genuine artistry, a craft, and no rehearsed BS (save for the choreography) that many bands repeat gig after gig. Few bands can pull off a show like BLOND.

The climax of the night happened as the encore unfolded and the show ended with “Spinachi”, their major hit about having spinach between the teeth, no one warns you about it and you’re super embarrassed. That’s the kind of lyrics that lifts the roof off of Knust this night.

This gig was certainly solid proof that BLOND retain massive appeal on their audience and pull in lots of fans to their shows. If you ever get an opportunity to watch BLOND live, just take it because it’s quite a different experience from what you are used to.

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