A fanboy’s review of KMPFSPRT’s “KMPFSPRT” EP

Alright. This is NOT a new release, but dates back to 2020 and was featured on our “Best of 2020” list in December, but as the band just turned 10 (Holy crap! All of a sudden I feel old!) It’s the perfect time to write a bit more about this short, angry motherf*ucker of an EP.

While normally playing a slightly different, less aggressive style of punk rock, here you can hear KMPFSPRT explore their love for angry, loud old-school hardcore punk with 10 songs in 10 minutes.

This is a concept EP, as all songs are about the band’s hometown Cologne and their apparent love/hate relationship with it (love your Veedel, hate its gentrification). Fittingly, it comes in a stylish red/white split-colored 7-inch, as these are the official city colors. The vinyl is placed in a hand-silkscreened cardboard packaging printed by the magnificent dudes and dudettes of Homesick merch, and in true DIY spirit, it comes with a fanzine including articles from the likes of Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits) and Tobias Scheiße (Hammerhead), amongst others. It’s just a perfect fit with the old school vibe.

Best song title: “Black Jeans. Black Shirt. Bläck Fööss.” Biggest Disappointment: Reading the fanzine takes way longer than the EP’s runtime. I want to hear more of those short, pissed-off bangers! But as stages are slowly reopening again, let’s hope that at least those 10 songs will find their way in KMPFSPRT’s live set once they start touring again (or maybe Dave can sneak them into the Hammerhead setlist, as he recently became their new guitarist).


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