Three years of shenanigans with Messed!Up Magazine

Three years ago we launched Messed!Up Magazine in Hamburg after a few weeks of planning. Ms Sis and the editor had done a few interviews together for other magazines but a lunch meeting in mid-January 2018 would change that – why don’t start something on their own they thought? Ms Anonymous (who wants to be anonymous for many reasons) worked with the logo and made stickers – all magazines need stickers for guerrilla warfare in the beginning – and Ms Roga joined the team in between that meeting and our official birthday. On March 1st 2018 a four-dude/dudette strong team started with Messed!Up in Hamburg.

Fast forward three years and we have 28 people working with us including some great collaborations with Ms EyesClosed doing video interviews and running EyesClosed Blog in London, Ms Tammy, the editor of From the Barrier Mag in Melbourne (yepp, that’s Australia), and Indiesfinest’s Anna, and Messed!Up now have teams in Hamburg, Gothenburg, London, Manchester, Melbourne and at times a small crew based in Linköping, Sweden, but working mostly for Messed!Up in Stockholm. Three years, 209 interviews and supermanymegamuch gig coverages, and equally many chili cheese fries nights, later we’re a weird Messed!Up mix of 27 dudes and dudettes working in Sweden, Germany, the UK and the land where kangaroos roam, Australia.

However, what’s most important is that we’ve had so much fun doing it together with people we love to hang out with! All those crazy nights at Molotow (yes, it’s still our favorite club), rowdy evenings at Reeperbahn Festival, our amazingly fun meetings at Messed!Up Beer Fridays, chili cheese fries cravings 6 AM in the morning, those hours spent on waiting for interviews to happen (it’s about waiting), unexpectedly fun interviews with bands, the sometimes unrewarding and crappy work of getting interviews and photos in print – nothing of that would have happened without all those amazing people working with us.

Thank you all Messed!Up’s out there!

Big love/
Ms Sis and the Editor

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