Live session: Beverly Kills at Pustervik (Gothenburg)

J.N. April 24, 2020

Live session with Beverly Kills at Pustervik in Gothenburg on April 1st 2020. The event was organized by Messed!Up Magazine and Westside Music Sweden.

Special thanks to Pustervik and Lyckholmia Live Field Recordings aka Niels Nankler, London Rönneklev and Johan Holm.

Support Beverly Kills and help the band compensate for list gigs due to the corona crisis!
Here’s how to do it:

Swish (only for Swedes): 0702873198 (to front vocalist Alma)
PayPal: (to the band)

Please write “GBG LIVE SESSION”.

Live video

Track listing:
00:00 Divine
04:22 New Year’s Eve
07:20 I Dreamt in Commercials
11:13 A Scarlet Night
15:15 Seven Sisters

Cameras: Messed!Up Magazine
Sound: Lyckholmia Live Field Recordings
Lights: Ulf Andersson

Photographer: ©Richard Bloom

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