Roskilde Festival Day 2 to 4: From hot to stormy and sore feet

J.N. July 2, 2019

Talking weather is probably something of the most boring things you can do but it’s an ever-present topic at festivals because you’re basically exposed to the rage of whatever god throws on you. Sunday was amazing and we all dreamt of reliving last year’s hot summer weather. The editor even had a nap in the sun for a few hours while people in Camp Vienna took turns on creaming him up with sunscreen. And yesterday was the opposite: windy at the level where pavillions and smaller tents sailed away like hot air balloons, and ten degrees colder. That’s why every festival-goer has a huge backpack, just to be ready for these sudden changes between arctic weather and semi-arid conditions at the camp.

For the deutsche-amerikanische freundschaft in Camp Vienna United the first days have been about important chores like building a flagpole (apparently you need a bucket and concrete), get the pavillion in order and prepare for the Jam Session. But lets take one day at the time.

Sunday was amazing and although it was a rough arrival evening with beers whereever you turned, a few Ibuprofens later we were walking from the media camp to meet up with the Vienna’s. The editor was suffering from some sort of a headache because the combination of dehydration, too many beers and an early morning in the press center is obviously not the best start of any day, but one of the Vienna’s had the cure: a few vodka shots later everything was back to normal, the flagpole was up and we could all have a rest in the sun.

Music-wise not much was planned but while having a burger Arre! Arre! helped us to enjoy a good meal in the sun and actually offered quite a good show. Daytime slots are rarely the best opportunity to show off for a new crowd but at days like this when the sun offered somewhere around +30 and people brought a few crates of beers to the stage, it’s perfect and I’m sure that Arre! Arre! earned themselves some new fans this day.

A quick return to the media center, a few coffees and some planning for Monday’s interview with Boundaries, we passed by Countdown (stage) and danced a few minutes to Copenhagen techno artist Third Wife, just to realize you need more beer to get in the right mood (and a later timeslot because in full daylight your moves don’t look as cool as in the dark). For being Roskilde Festival and Camp Vienna United, it was a very calm night and even if camp member Mirco had a Falco party to celebrate his birthday it was unusually calm night. Monday was to become a bit different.


Mondays at the Roskilde Festival are the most busiest days for the Vienna’s. It’s the day of the Jam Session where they bring in all the gear you need, people from all over the campsite are invited and there will be a huge Jam Session party. Every year there’s a rumor that Hellacopters will turn up but they’re always late and miss out on the opportunity to finally break big. This was also the day where Messed!Up had most to do with interviews and shows to cover.

However, the morning started out with the same newbie mistake as last year: the editor’s shoes had killed his feet – again! As we speak he can hardly walk and is about to buy a new pair of shoes – again. After a visit to the red cross tent to get a complete foot makeover we set off for an interview with Danish post punk act Boundaries, a band we met in Hamburg for just three months ago, and talked about being on the “Bands to watch” list in Denmark, going out on a Danish tour and a debut album in the works. Stay tuned, interview is on the way. 

For some reason we just happend to get stuck at the Rising stage and met up with a few other bands for beer and a few good shows. M. Rexen, Hôy La and, especially, Xenoblight offered some great live shows, and around midnight the editor took off his shoes and walked back to his tent bare feet. It doesn’t matter how many hundred festivals you’ve been to, some never learn.

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