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Ho99o9 @Knust (Hamburg): Review

Everyone who visits festivals regularly knows the experience of walking past a stage and seeing an unknown band deliver a fantastic set. In my case the first time this happened was at Melt Festival 2016 and the band was Ho99o9. [...]

May 15, 2019 Concert Reviews, Recent posts, Slider

Stella Donnelly @Molotow (Hamburg): Review

To be honest, I didn’t expect to have fun this evening after enduring a train ride with the loudest bachelor party ever, screaming the worst kind of German pop songs through the cart. As if that wasn’t enough I stood [...]

April 28, 2019 Concert Reviews, Recent posts, Slider

TRAITRS @LOGO (Hamburg): Live review

TRAITRS The venue Logo has a special place in my heart. I spent countless hours of my teenage years (sounds nostalgic, but they’re not that long gone) visiting my favorite hardcore punk bands there, stage diving, moshing and sometimes even [...]

March 25, 2019 Concert Reviews, Recent posts, Slider

Amenra @Knust (Hamburg): Review

This year Amenra celebrate their twentieth anniversary and they can look back on some truly remarkable achievements. Not only did they manage to find their own unique sound, taking a step away from the usual comparison to other pioneering bands [...]

March 10, 2019 Concert Reviews, Recent posts, Slider

Esben And The Witch @Molotow (Hamburg): Review

“When you know you’ve made it.” That’s the caption under the hilarious Instagram photo Esben and the Witch posted from the infamous Molotow toilet ahead of their tour start. The band’s pride is more than justified after having released one [...]

February 23, 2019 Concert Reviews, Recent posts, Slider

The Soft Moon @Tower Musikclub (Bremen): Review

To get the Messed!Up team to leave their well-known home territory of concert venues in Hamburg, there has to be a good reason for that trip. In this case the reason is called The Soft Moon, catching the attention with [...]

December 3, 2018 Concert Reviews, Recent posts, Slider