Messed!Up’s Top50 songs 2023

Voted on by over nine Messed!Up music writers, we celebrate the year’s best tracks from John Grant to Depeche Mode and beyond.


  1. John Grant: “Day Is Done”
  2. Kvelertak: ”Krøterveg te Helvete”
  3. The Reytons: “Little Bastards”
  4. Sleep Token: “The Summoning”
  5. Mindchatter: ”Growing Pains”
  6. Kite: ”Don’t Take The Light Away”
  7. Twelve’len & Denzel Curry: ”Lady Draco”
  8. Solen: ”Lovikka”
  9. Depeche Mode: ”Ghosts Again”
  10. George Hennessey: “Lost Society”
  11. Céline & Paula Hartmann: ”3 Sekunden”
  12. The Smile: “Bending Hectic”
  13. The Blaze: “Eyes”
  14. Softcult: “Dress”
  15. Novarupta: ”Iron Ghosts”
  16. Pascow: ”Monde”
  17. Delilah Holliday: ”Silent Streets”
  18. Lana Del Rey: “A&W”
  19. Vorder: ”The Few Remaining Lights”
  20. Dina Ögon: ”Berget”
  21. The Murder Capital: “Gigi’s Recovery”
  22. Old Mervs: “Hey”
  23. Beach Fossils: ”Don´t Fade Away”
  24. Mantar: ”Valhalla Hammering”
  25. Middle Kids: ”highlands”
  26. Solen: ”Malin”
  27. Jack Anthony: “Call My Name”
  28. Susanne SundfØr: “fare thee well”
  29. Skynd: ”Edmund Kemper”
  30. Kanonenfieber: ”Die Havarie”
  31. Poppy: “Spit”
  32. Worries & Other Plants: ”Olavarria”
  33. Himalayas: “Flatline”
  34. Boygenius: ”Not Strong Enough”
  35. Haiku Hands & Ribongia: ”Nunchucka”
  36. Lael Neale: “I’ll Be Your Star”
  37. Brujeria: ”Californa über Aztlan”
  38. Boygenius: ”Cool About It”
  39. Biig Piig: “Ghosting”
  40. Roffe Ruff: ”Bofors”
  41. Sampha: ”Only”
  42. Endless Wellness: ”Hand Im Gesicht”
  43. Royal Blood: “Mountains At Midnight”
  44. Paramore: “Running Out of Time”
  45. The Hives: ”Rigor Mortis Radio”
  46. Slow Pulp: ”Doubt”
  47. Kristin Hersh: “Reflections On The Motive Power Of Fire”
  48. The Chuck Norris Experiment: ”Bats”
  49. Songs Of Boda: ”Thief Liar Traitor”
  50. Terra: ”Kött & Blod”


About J.N.

Music researcher with an unhealthy passion for music and music festivals. Former studio owner, semi-functional drummer and with a fairly good collection of old analogue synthesizers from the 70's. Indie rock, post rock, electronic/industrial and drum & bass (kind of a mix, yeah?) are usual stuff in my playlists but everything that sounds good will fit in.