INVSN: Crossover to the dark side on new album “Let the Night Love You”

Originally operating under the moniker the Lost Patrol, the idea for INVSN began in 1998 as a solo project for Dennis Lyxzén, singer for Swedish political punks the (International) Noise Conspiracy. His band, hardcore legends the Refused, had just broken up, and Lyxzén wanted to move away from the noise. He ended up releasing a record, 1999’s Songs in the Key of Resistance, that was very much influenced by the political folk of artists like Billy Bragg. At the same time, he was forming the (International) Noise Conspiracy, which took most of his time and effort until the Lost Patrol was reinstated in 2003 with the release of Songs About Running Away for Burning Heart Records. The album was much poppier than the first, dealing with the melancholy results of a broken love affair and featuring the talents of over 20 musicians.

Although his main band was still going strong, Lyxzén devoted more time to the Lost Patrol. In 2005, the solo project became a real band with a name change to the Lost Patrol Band, a set lineup (Lyxzén on guitar and vocals, Robert Pettersson on bass, André Sandström on drums, Anders Stenberg on guitar, and Jonas Lidström on keyboards), and the release of the more straightforward and poppy The Lost Patrol Band (also on Burning Heart).

In 2010 Lyxzén & co adopted the name Invasionen and released Hela Världen Brinner, which was written and sung in Swedish and saw the group returning to its rowdy punk roots. The like-minded, though darker in tone Saker Som jag Sagt Till Natten dropped the following year, and in 2013 they inked a deal with Razor & Tie, officially changed their name to INVSN, and released an eponymous LP in both English and Swedish. In 2016 the band made the move to Swedish indie Woah Dad! and issued their sophomore outing as INVSN, The Beautiful Stories.

Today, six years later, they release the new album Let The Night Love You.


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