Suicide Records celebrates 15 years in the scene

The last 15 years, Suicide Records has released music and supported musicians and bands the heavier music scenes – and it’s time to celebrate the anniversary. Slowly building up a reputation locally, labelman Roger Andersson has proved to have fingerspitzengefühl and signed bands like Novarupta, Ett Dödens Maskineri and Orochen.

On October 15-16th at Brew House in Gothenburg Suicide throws a massive party time to celebrate a milestone in their career, and they do it with an amazing line-up!

  • Novarupta
  • Domkraft
  • Bottlecap
  • Demonic Death Judge
  • Grand Cadaver
  • Electric Hydra
  • Fredag den 13:e
  • Besvärjelsen
  • Orochen
  • V
  • Fabian Brusk Jahn

Buy yourself a ticket for two days in metal hell here:


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