Live session: Two Year Vacation – “Come Over When You Want” (Ringön, Gothenburg)

Two Year Vacation is the band that originates from its own contrast. The quintet founded in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness, makes rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop with musical influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Peter Björn & John.

With the new EP “Getting Into Real Estate”, arriving digitally in October, Two Year Vacation have been letting themselves dive deep into a common existential crisis where they realized that they’re no big shareholders, they don’t own any luxurious houses or way too fast cars. Nothing of all that is being portrayed through all our screens on a daily basis as the dream life. But this time they’ve let themselves get into the real estate to see how fun it could be, living the life being idolized for so many of us all. All in their own way though.

The second single off the EP, “Come Over When You Want”, covers comfort and the general vibe of small town-ness. A feeling that surrounds the whole EP. Vocalist Jacob also describes how it’s about childhood and about the trembling of the knees when you realize you are at the mercy of another. At the beginning of August, Max and Jacob made an acoustic session of “Come Over When You Want” for Messed!Up Magazine.

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