The Mobile Homes: Swedish synthpop pioneers return with their 7th album “Trigger”

J.N. 26/03/2021

In all started in 1989 when a synthpop-blessed Editor came across a copy of “I Know I Will Die” and got stuck in Sweden’s own Depeche Mode-inspired four-piece The Mobile Homes. A year later debut album Hurt was released and the rest is a love story to a band that always stands for high-quality outputs and synthpop bangers.

The Mobile Homes started in Västerås in 1984 by Andreas Brun, Patrik Brun, Hans Erkendal, and Per Liliefeldt and released a series of singles before their album in 1990. In 1992 they released their sophomore album Nothing But Something, including bangers as “Afraid” and “Love To Be Loved”, an epic record in Swedish synthpop history making them one of the leading bands in the scene, and over the next two decades the band released another three albums before they went on hiatus. But in early 2021 they announced they were back and today they release their 7th album “Trigger”.

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