Mogwai working on new material in the Castle of Doom in January 2020.

Mogwai: 25 years celebrating post-rockers release guitarmageddon album number 10

Ever since we came across a copy of Come On Die Young in 1999 (and bought Young Team at the same time), Mogwai has been doling out guitar-heavy detonation and are the post-rock band in our record collection. 26 years ago in Glasgow, Stuart Braithwaite (guitars, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (guitars) and Martin Bulloch (drums) formed the band, and soon after guitarist John Cummings joined the Scottish four-piece. Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals) was brought into the band prior to the recording of Come On Die Young but had already played a few shows with the band before becoming a permanent band member. The band lineup remained unchanged from 1998 until November 2015, when John Cummings left to pursue other projects.

Over two decades they have pumped out an enormous amount of material – they’ve managed to record a very respectable ten albums, seven soundtrack (including their collaboration with Clint Mansell on The Fountain), two remix records, two EP collections, two live albums and one crushing collection of session work since 1995. And there’s rarely a dull moment in their catalogue. The loud/soft division runs right through their expansive discography, a broad, deep division deploying sonic violence and volume assaults on stage while also adoring the quieter, sharper pleasures they could capture in studio. It’s the loudest post-rock to be

After more than 25 years together at a time when the world seems to have remodelled itself to fit their apocalyptic soundscapes, the Scottish band paint widescreen scenes of beauty on album 10. As the Love Continues, and album described as one of their most powerful and cohesive statements to date – and it’s released today!

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