God Is An Astronaut: Masters at achieving a vivid and visceral experience

In 2003 our editor popped by a record store in London to buy Mogwai’s new album Happy Songs For Happy People and when he was about to pay the young man behind the counter told him “Dude, I have a great band you just have to listen to” and forced our editor to listen to The End of The Beginning, the debut album by Irish post-rock band God Is An Astronaut released the year before. That was the start of a life-long love of some unique Irish post-rock. Today they release their 10th studio album Ghost Tapes #10.

Comprised of Torsten Kinsella on guitar/piano/synths, Niels Kinsella on bass, Lloyd Hanney on drums and Jamie Dean on guitar and piano, the group have garnered an immense fanbase around the world and built a reputation since their start in 2002. They have created fantastically broad and lush soundscapes for their listeners to explore. The songs are crammed with atmospherics, tension, melodrama and – amazingly for a band that only includes vocals as an extra instrument – emotional draw, and albums as Far From Refuge, God Is An Astronaut and Helios | Erebus are epic pieces of music history and show how breathtaking the results can be when post-rock is done right.

We could expound on the beauty and menace of this music for pages and pages and still come absolutely nowhere near an accurate depiction. Just listen to their new album on Spotify – and the rest of their discography.

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