DJ Pappaledig: Mixtape #2

Hey gang!
DJ Pappaledig here again. It’s been a while. The kids are almost grown up, they’re rebelling and kicking streetlights. Not really, but now they are 5 and 3, so I think it’s time for a new playlist.

Two years have passed by. Hits have come and gone. But even though kids are nice and sweet, they’re not really the best at keeping up with the latest shit. They’re not losing their edge, they never had it. I like them anyway, but it’s an eclectic bunch of songs we’re throwing at you this time. Some new, some old, some decent, and some really, really bad. But as Leo (my oldest son) said; they can handle it.

Starting out is an old banger from the Danes in Drengene fra Angora. I have some explanation to do when the kids grow up and start to ask questions about the premise and some of the curse words, but so far they’re in wonderful ignorance. And they love this song! It’s also educating: they learn about cycling, they learn Danish, and most importantly, they learn what an anthem should sound like! 

Knaslåten (the wacky song), “A-Punk”, is another favorite, played 20 times in a row in the car one summer. I liked the song up until that point. And no one has missed “Baby Shark”. I hate it so much.

A recent favorite is Stereo MCs “Connected”. We introduced a new dance move to the song, the porridge eating move. It won’t help you getting attention on the dance floor, at least not in a positive way, but you will get some exercise.

I was really happy when the kids proclaimed that they really like Charli XCX. Leo stated that it’s really “poppy”! And that is among the most positive grades a song can get. The scale goes from “STÄNG AAAAAAAV” (TURN IT OOOOOOOOOFF) to “poppy”, and it’s not often we hit the highest grade, so I better include it in this list.

Another favorite in recent years is the epic “Arne Alligator”. It’s a mixture of the theme song for Björnes Magasin and “Känn ingen sorg för mig” Göteborg, and its awesome. Check out the video, it’s great. Just great.

Rounding of with an old favorite. It was one of the songs me and Leo listened to when he was one year old, and it just transcends time and space. OK, Leo has never actually said that he likes it, or even acted like he did. He might even have asked me to turn it off once or twice, but its still a favorite. I think.

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