Black Honey: Music to seduce the indie-rock world

Black Honey, the foursome originally hailing from Brighton, have been putting out great music steadily.  Formed in 2014, they have cultivated a devoted following with a sound that combines ’90s indie rock, psychedelic guitars and the sheen of Lana Del Rey’s pretty melancholy. Always busy and rarely settling down, the band have taken an incremental approach to build their portfolio and, thus, their popularity. Instead of releasing full-length albums, they’ve given music fans bite-size morsels in the form of numerous singles.

In 2018, however, they finally released the long-awaited debut album, a record filled with catchy hooks and infectious riffs that takes their listeners on the scenic route, delivering pop-tinged glitterball bops to complement their grungier roots and “a musical joyride through cinematic sounds, lyrics, and situations by way of pop and good old-fashioned rock n’ roll” (Atwood Magazine). To cut it short: it was an amazing debut record!

Luckily the four-piece will release their sophomore record “Written & Directed” in a few months – check out the singles “Run For Cover” and “Beaches” at Spotify – and Messed!Up have high expectations! Write down January 29 2021 in your calendar and go directly to their website and pre-order the record!

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