We Live In Trenches: The vehicles for raw energy and emotion premieres new EP “Dead Class”

J.N. October 8, 2020

You know the kind of band that pummels you with its noisy, intense, intricate playing, a band that play the most ear-shatteringly loud rock music you heard in a while, leaving the guitars to provide most of the muscle? If you don’t let us introduce you to Gothenburg four-piece We Live In Trenches. The band released their debut EP ”Autonomy Clinic” already in 2008 and a few rowdy shows later they released their debut album “Modern Hex” (2009), a powerful perturbation-fueled record which immediately caught the attention of music enthusiasts yearning for a hardcore/rock sound that had its own style while walking down the same alley as bands like Metz. Five years later their sophomore album “Life Crisis” was released where they continue their juxtaposed, angsty fury as on their debut.

Tomorrow, another six years later, they release the new EP “Dead Class”, a four-track record spurred by mid-life crises and bodily dysfunctions that causes chaos on record, injecting refreshing energy into the often stale loud rock music environment. The guitars continually chew and stretch riffs penetrating your skull at the base and reaching down to your stomach. Like a tension cable yanking your jaw clenched, and pulling your stomach into your lungs they will leave you energized, anxious, and nauseous. It’s a powerful mix that’s not for the faint of heart and is most effective in shorter bursts.

And you know what? Messed!Up premieres the EP! Have a listen.

Premiere: We Live In Trenches – “Dead Class” EP

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