The Last Folk Singer: Where evocative poetry meets folk music

A recent addition to the Australian music industry, The Last Folk Singer is the musical manifestation of poet Camille Barr. Shifting shores from the glorious beaches of Byron Bay to the world class surf of Torquay, The Last Folk Singer reflects her earthy landscape, digging into the whimsical waves of sound.

Her debut EP, “Living in a World of Silence”, which was released in mid-August wraps her powerful poetic, political-driven penmanship in swirls of enchanting sound. Comprising of five tracks, The Last Folk Singer captures life with a wide social stare, telling not only her story but the stories of the world around her. For instance, the closing track “Never Ending Story” was inspired by the documentary “Dirty Wars”, which follows journalist Jeremy Scahill on his mission to understand the “twisted logic, a logic with no end”, that is war, with Barr reflecting on the rise and fall of empires in the context of our long turbulent history of war and the meaning of it all.

Recorded in Hot Bias studio Melbourne, “…Because I Was Born A Girl” is a stand out piece on the EP. Barr deciphers the meaning of being a female in a modern context in this true feminist anthem; “Doors were closed / Ceilings felt heavy / Questions were not asked / Opportunities were lost / A million battles have been fought because I was born a girl”.  It’s truly a powerful piece of poetry.

The Last Folk Singer is the perfect name for Barr’s project, encompassing the true meaning of the folk genre; to tell, to feel, to hear and to see stories through song. Hopefully it will ignite the flame to lead a long line of new folk singers.

About Tammy Walters

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