Reeperbahn Festival: Europe’s biggest showcase festival runs a covid-19 version

J.N. September 8, 2020

We’re back for yet another Reeperbahn Festival!

For four days in September, the international music community meets in St. Pauli district. The eponymous festival takes place on and all around the Reeperbahn strip. As colourful and diverse as the area is the choice of locations and international performing artists: concerts will be hosted in places as different as Molotow music club and the St. Pauli church. 

With COVID-19 still having a significant effect on leisure and cultural events as well as everyday life, the organisers of the Reeperbahn Music Festival are planning to show what future media events could look like in times of a pandemic. With a limited line-up of concerts and performances and an elaborate infection control concept, the Reeperbahn Festival is actually happening in 2020. 

By offering a limited 350 live music shows (instead of 600 shows in 2019) and about 130 additional performances and sessions, the vast number of clubs on and around the Reeperbahn strip will be better able to comply with hygiene and ventilation requirements. All visitors will be asked to stick to the usual indoor considerations, such as physical distancing, wearing face masks over the nose and mouth, following directional floor plans, providing contact information in case of emergency, and to follow staff requests in a cooperative and friendly way. 

Showcasing and networking events will also take place, if only on a smaller scale. But the workshops, and indeed the festival as such, will address the question of how music culture and industry are shaped by the current pandemic and what new ways (and chances) can be imagined.

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