Love Fame Tragedy: Anthems, anthems and more anthems!

J.N. 08/09/2020

In September last year, the 10″ EP “I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I’m Really Good At It” by Love Fame Tragedy turned up at the office, a four-track indie pop banger EP with anthem-like choruses that got stuck because at Messed!Up we just love that type of infectious music. It was really no surprise at all when we found out that the captain was The Wombats’ frontman Matthew Murphy. 

Love Fame Tragedy started life as a bunch of songs Murph began squirreling away in 2016, personal and confessional songs which didn’t fit with the tone of The Wombats’ fourth album “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life”, and in an NME interview, Murphy said that the project is “somewhere between Gorillaz and a solo project” and an opportunity for a wide range of collaborations. In July this year he released the debut album “Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave” that features guest appearances from Pixies’ Joey Santiago, The Killers’ Mark Stoermer, Bastille’s Dan Smith, Eleanor Fletcher of Crystal Fighters, Joji Malani of Gang of Youths, alt-J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton and many more. If you ever would think it’s songs that didn’t make it on The Wombats latest album, think again because “Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave” is far better. Give it a listen and you’re stuck!

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