Momoko Rose: Bridging music cultures with an emotional sonic dreamscape

Tammy Walters August 18, 2020

Momoko Rose is the epitome of an unbridled introvert; as delicate as a flower with the softness of skin, as gentle as a mothers’ caress and as pure as honey, each being remedies to heal her deep, exposed wounds. Eccentric, quirky, broken, beautiful, Momoko is a culmination of her favourite artists with the avant garde nature of Bjӧrk resting on the softness of Sufjan Stevens and Lisa Mitchell.   

The intricacies of her songwriting seeped through on her debut EP “When I Blossom”, a four-track body carried by the intimacy of piano. “Ajisai” “Chrysalis”, “Mother Martyr” and duet, “The Space Between” with Johanna, set up Rose’s identity as a multidisciplinary, unafraid artist. Her songs are riddled with dissonance, jazz harmonies and unorthodox time signatures presented by her seven-piece band to make for a curious and captivating listen. Nature and a clear relation to her cultural heritage of Japanese, Australian background are drivers in her styling to create a stunning dreamscape to drift into. Not only experimental in sound, Rose undertakes serious exploration in her lyricism. None more prominent than in her latest single ‘Humans Weep’.

The lead single from upcoming EP “Anticlimactic Girl” set for release in 2021, ‘Humans Weep’ navigates the deep crevasses carved from family trauma. She ponders existence and social constructs, the value of relationships and purpose of it all. Simplicity is key to this new release; the insightful lyricism is embedded in an open sonic sphere of gentle beats and lingering synths. “Humans Weep” just dropped and is a delightful addition to Momoko’s repertoire.

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