Bad Nerves: A fine-tuned, vivacious garage rock beast

J.N. August 11, 2020

Bad Nerves are one of those brilliant bands we discovered already at Reeperbahn Festival 2018 when they did a super awesome show at Molotow, and we were so stuck in “Can’t Be Mine” the rest of the year. What’s even better is that the London garage punkers are one of those bands that understand that a great song doesn’t need to be longer than two minutes. NME called the London five-piece music “short, punchy garage rock laced with energetic hooks” already in 2016, and if you add the Ramones/Clash attitude you know they’ll be that kind of band that will create its own rock ‘n’ roll mythology.

Since the “Can’t Be Mine” single in 2018 not much happened until a few days ago when they released the single “Baby Drummer”, a 2:21 minute long utterly furious garage punk story. Two things lads: a) release that album now, b) return to Hamburg when you’ve done it (we expect this pandemic shenanigan to be over soon).

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