Eves Karydas: Glittery, synth-soaked tunes by Brisbane pop star

J.N. July 21, 2020

Under a former stage name of Eves the Behaviour, Eves Karydas has been painting a pastel pop palette across the Australian landscape since 2013. “Electrical” shocked our skin, creating the buzz to set the solo artist up for a complete makeover in 2017, adopting her christian name as a performing artist. Releasing the acoustic beauty “There For You”, Karydas hit the ground running, jumping into the studio the next year to deliver the shimmery debut album “summerskin”. Deeply personal lyrics enveloped in fluorescents pop silk and drizzled with a bubbling sweet champagne, “summerskin” was the runway for  Karydas to shoot sky high as Australia’s brightest pop prospect with a universal sound and following.

“Further Than Planes Fly” is undeniably her biggest hit to date and a welcome inclusion on the festival stages, whilst “Wildest Ones” and “Damn Loyal” have raked up millions of streams, adding to her sugary flavour.

“summerskin” has also set Karydas up to soar into 2020 for new release “Complicated”. With floral beat bursts and rosy vocals, Karydas has provided the ultimate anthem for the unruly year. Not only does the girl have 10/10 tunes, she also has a 10/10 Instagram game! Whilst Kylie Minogue has long held the title of Australia’s pop princess, and Delta Goodrem is our nations pop sweetheart, Eves Karydas is stepping up to the plate as our pop poster girl.

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