Sully: A delicious new flavour of pop fizz

J.N. June 23, 2020

The evolution of pop music has been quite the ride seeing the rise of queens and the steep landslide of gimmick tracks and the roller coaster of boy bands. One thing that has remained steady though is the feeling that pop music on the broader spectrum injects into the world; a warm fuzzy feeling of pure joy. The ring of a major key, the cheesy chant worth lyrics, the swirling beats that get your hips moving. This is a feeling that Melbourne’s Cailah Skinner knows too well. Having spread her wings across an array of genres throughout the last decade through several performance projects, Skinner can’t help but return to her fuzzy comfort blanket of pop music.

Moving into 2020, Skinner reinvented herself, taking on the persona of Sully Sullivan to introduce the world to her delicious new flavour of pop fizz. Working alongside fellow Melbourne pop witch Evangeline for songwriting duty, Sully released electrifying empowerment anthem, “I Should Know Better”. The track centres around sultry synths and pastel painted pulses giving an undeniable sense of 90s pop nostalgia with a rosy-coloured gaze.

Over the weekend Sully dropped the singles music video as directed by Gary Robertson. A tracking shot shadows Sully, who embodies her popstar persona to a tee, as she paces through her apartment moving through the motions of a self-worth realisation.

As the first taste of Sully Sullivan hits your lips, a sweetness lingers with a moreish glaze. There is no denying that Sully will be embedded with the divas of this next generation, her JoJo vocals evident and her sonic palette full of bold colourful pigments. Sully is due to release new music in the coming months in the form of friendship anthem ‘Say You’ll Be There’ around the bend. We can’t wait!

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