The Luka State: One hit away from blowing up beyond belief

J.N. June 16, 2020

While established music media has been brawling about the death of indie rock the last years, UK continues to deliver high-quality British indie rock to the world, and the latest addition in the scene with a very promising future is Cheshire four-piece The Luka State. Just pour some Supergrass in the blender and add a few teaspoons of Oasis and Stereophonics, maybe a pinch of one of my own favourite bands, Manic Street Preachers, and you have four lads putting out singles of astonishingly high quality.

But the adventure started already in 2013 when they released three singles recorded by Supergrass-discoverer Sam Williams. 2015 saw the arrival of debut EP “The Price of Education”, but it’s not until just recently the most exciting stuff has started to happen. In 2020 the band have released four amazing singles (or EP’s containing a mix of old and new songs, even the same songs). “Fake News” (the anthem of the year!), “[Insert Girl’s Name Here]”, “Feel It”, and “Room’s On Fire”, tracks are all “roller coaster rides of breathless and sexy rock tracks that are a quickfire for the senses”.

Just check them out! And Molotow, we expect a gig when this shenanigan is over.

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