The QTECH DJ Sessions: Presenting Cynthia Stern

J.N. May 28, 2020

We continue our The QTECH DJ Sessions with Cynthia Stern! Prep for some fast and heavy beats on Thursday evening!

The DJ session is enabled because of some amazing effort and awesome work by QTECH. Please help us support their work and keep the lads fed during the covid-19 crisis.

Here’s how to do it:

Swish (Swedes only): 1232707115

DJ set


From the stomping grounds of Gothenburg, Sweden but with an Icelandic passport, Cynthia Stern got his first set of decks in 1993, and at just 16years old he was one of the first, and youngest, jungle DJ’s in Sweden.

In 1999 the idea of starting a label took root and not long after Input – Output Inc was born. The first release coming from Cynthia and Tobias Von Hofsten. Throughout the years the label released artists including Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt, Jason Leach, Bill Youngman, SueMe (R.I.P), TSR and Joseph Garber amongst others.

After years of touring, Cynthia stopped making techno, and turned to new wave and minimal synth playing in bands as Colouroid, Video Look and Revigorators during this time. He also set up the label FlexiWave which resulted in 21 releases.

A move to Berlin in 2014 involved hooking up with the Killekill crew, the people from Suicide Circus, and short after the label and club night Varvet was a fact. Cynthia also acquired studio space together with Headless Horseman, TCMF and Steffen Dieroff from Native Instruments. This resulted in many new collaborations such as Disabled and Facket Strejkar, and other renowned projects with artists as The Horrorist, Dave Tarrida and Jason Leach to and released an EP on Subhead Extras.


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