MOA: A new deutsche welle of soulful pop music by Kassel pop talent

J.N. May 12, 2020

Does German pop (Deutsche Pop) music sung in German work out? It’s not only Rammstein who can make it across borders to bring German lyrics abroad.

Kassel-born Lukas Mohr and his moniker MOA plays beautiful and soulful music, and the atmosphere he evokes and imagery employed have a high chill-out factor with references to the beach/sea and sense of a longing for a lost era of hit music coated in sophisticated and honest lyrics: a la recherche du pop perdu, or something. Classic coked-out pop tropes are revisited, as though MOA is too devastated by what he has experienced, seen and done the last months of quarantine.

After a series of single releases in the last two years – pay special attention to “teil von mir” and “du weißt es” – MOA is ready for a debut album. On July 17th “an/aus” (“on/off”) can be found at streaming services across the world or in your local record store if you live in Germany. Keep an eye open for this talented new German pop youngster!

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