Songs of Boda: Impressive Americana rooted in ‘Schlätta’

J.N. May 5, 2020

A man and his guitar. Simple and yet so incredibly powerful and mesmerizing. That’s how you can describe this week’s “In the Spotlight”.

A few weeks ago we did a live session with Daniel “Boda” Skoglund under his moniker Songs of Boda, and his music just got stuck. In his early childhood in hometown Borås [Boda is a neighborhood in Borås], close to Gothenburg in Sweden, Boda picked up the guitar at the age of nine and was caught by the guitar devil. After moving to Gothenburg and playing in a few bands, Boda embarked on a solo career making music in the borderland between Americana and folk music; his debut album “Loophole”, released in 2015, is an excellent piece of Americana-inspired work.

Five years later Songs of Boda is three albums into his career; “Iago” was released in 2018 and “Meanwhiling” reached the stores last year, and we’re waiting for the fourth album. Maybe those two new songs from the live session will be on it?

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