CHILDREN: Shimmering retro-pop and a healthy dose of melancholy

J.N. April 14, 2020

For a few weeks ago we came across “future retro pop” Berlin-based duo CHILDREN just right after the release of their second album “Hype”, an album filled to brim with sweeping and oscillating synth lines and strong melodies with one foot in the sound of the 80’s and the other in contemporary electropop. Unlike their debut album, they mix songs in German and English on their latest album, but it just adds another dimension to the throbbing basslines in songs as “Hype” and the awesome single “Forever & Ewig” (which basically means “Forever & Forever”).

CHILDREN consist of childhood friends Steffi Frech and Laura Daede who have an obvious love for nostalgia and atmospheric electropop coated in lovely soft vocals. Just keep an eye open for the Berlin duo when they get a chance to go out on that Hype Tour on the other side of covid-19.


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