It’s time to celebrate Roskilde Festivals’ 50th anniversary

J.N. February 27, 2020

Roskilde Festival just announced the full schedule for its 50th edition! Among the bands announced we’ll find headliners as Kendrick Lamar, The Strokes, HAIM and Charli XCX adding to already big names as Taylor Swift, Faith No More and Tyler, the Creator. With a total of 110 new additions, the music line-up for the 50th edition of Northern Europe’s largest festival is now ready.

Roskilde is more than a festival – “More Than Music” – with its focus on art, social happenings and a wide range of campsite tournaments – football, basketball, naked run etc. – during the festival week. And it’s a festival week, not festival days, starting at Saturday June 27th and send people home at Sunday morning July 4th!

The experienced Roskilde-goer joins the forces of the waiting line and arrives at Saturday morning to spend a few hours with about 40 0000 others, drinking beer and planning the week. Already from Sunday June 30th, the second day, the pre-festival targeting Scandinavian bands and artists starts, presenting 20-25 bands/artists a day until the “real” festival starts on Wednesday.

Messed!Up Magazine will be on location doing interviews and, just like the last two years, follow the adventures of Camp Vienna United – loads of Germans, three crazy Americans aka Camp Wolfpack (watch out for our 4th of July coverage) and some stray Danes (and those just turning up and don’t know how to leave the camp later).

Go there and get the Orange Feeling – and try to find Camp Vienna/Camp Wolfpack camp at settle ‘n share for free beer. 

Roskilde Festival coverage 2019


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