I Love Your Lifestyle: Sweden’s finest emo-pop export

J.N. January 1, 2020

Although Swedes are super happy people in their own melancholic way, they do have their emo moments. Five-piece Malmö/Gothenburg band I Love Your Lifestyle, formed in 2012, are evidence of that when they mix emo pop, indie rock and the peculiar genre math rock (yeah, we read about it but don’t really know what it is). Their debut album “We Go Way Back” in 2016 brought them out of Sweden and they’ve toured across the world, from the UK to Russia and the US.

In April this year they released their sophomore album “The Movie”, and album best described as a combustible flashpoint where emo’s unhinged rhythms meets indie-pop song forms. And then you have to add some awesome live shows to the mix. Never miss an opportunity to watch them live!

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