Feine Sahne Fischfilet @Sporthalle (Hamburg): Review

Alexander Schmitz December 25, 2019

The old Romans already knew that you don’t put on a serious punk rock show without three essential ingredients: a crowd going absolutely mental, pyrotechnics and a banana shaped yellow rubber boat. Of course, Feine Sahne Fischfilet had it all! They even had beers for those more sophisticated in the audience.

Feine Sahne Fischfilet play ska-punk and sing about drinking, friendship and fighting against fascism and homophobia. All of that would play a great role at their first of two nights at Alsterdorfer Sporthalle.

In a video published a week before they said they’re gonna have a complete tear-off, and when they played their second song in the set, “Alles Auf Rausch“, I thought they would not only achieve their aim, but reach it right already with their second song – what an explosion of energy! The crowd was wild, everyone sang along, clapped their hands – and were supposed to stand the throughout the whole show. Monchi, the frontman, said ”there are no seats tonight!“

But there were also important messages. Coming from a rural background they support people who fight against right wing activities, people that don’t have a bunch of people to stand up for them in big cities. For example, the song ”Angst Frisst Seele Auf“ was written for Katharina König-Preuss who is a politician that received death threats by neo-nazis.

Feine sahne Fischfilet started their own festival in their hometown Jarmen, and when they played ”Geschichten Aus Jarmen“ it got really loud in Sporthalle. Monchi also brought his own family on stage before they played ”Niemand Wie Ihr“, a song about his wild youth and how much pain he caused his family back then. In the video mentioned above they actually called out for the audience to bring warm winter clothes for refugees at a camp in Moria, a camp that is totally overcrowded that Monchi has visited personally. The band also stressed how important safe passages for refugees are; they had invited people from ”Jugend rettet“, a civil sea rescue organisation, to the concert and told the audience to skip the last beer and donate the money to them instead. 

Mentioning all these important issues Feine Sahne Fischfilet never failed to deliver an ecstatic punk show where people would constantly make huge circle pits. The band played two encores, including ”London Calling“ by The Clash. The great finale, of course, was “Komplett Im Arsch“.

It was an amazing show that lasted more than two hours.

Photographer: Kevin Winiker


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