Music rooted in the traditions of the past: We’re off to Manchester Folk Festival

J.N. October 11, 2019

Manchester Folk Festival is back with another joyous celebration of the best in English folk. With its roots firmly in the traditions of the past but its eyes keenly on the future, 2019’s festival – its third outing – will present the work of exciting emerging artists alongside that of household names. Over four autumn days the festival presents an exhilarating range of events, with the spotlight on English folk, roots and acoustic music. Contemporary folk straddles genres, embraces different cultures and absorbs new influences. Manchester Folk Festival’s aim is to profile the incredible range of great music that is described as folk and bring you the best of the current scene.

This year, Manchester Folk Festival boasts the additional excitement of playing proud host to the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, which will take place on the 16 October. Probably the biggest event in the folk music calendar, these awards celebrate outstanding achievement during the previous year within the field of folk, with the aim of raising the profile of the genre. 

As for this year’s line-up, it holds some treasures, with something to please both the purists and the more future-focused listeners. Ríoghnach Connolly and Stuart McCallum’s The Breath is a particularly exciting revelation as well as Grace Petrie. 

Other artists announced in these early stages include the aforementioned (and brilliant) Kate Rusby, The Demon Barbers, Ferocious Dog, Sam Kelly and The Lost Boys, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, The Unthanks, Rowan Rheingans and Kathryn Williams. 

​This is a festival of discovery, having its roots firmly in the traditions of the past, and its eyes on the future. The festival will bring some of the biggest names in folk to Manchester, and it will introduce you to your future favourites.

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