Von Wegen Lisbeth @Grosse Freiheit 36 (Hamburg): Review

J.N. October 1, 2019

What makes a great Monday night out in Hamburg? To me that is a good pub feed, beers, great company and even better live music. Grosse Freiheit did not disappoint on this cold last September night.

Von Wegen Lisbeth have proven time and time again that they are the ultimate indie rock stars and three sold-out nights at Grosse Freiheit just enhance that impression. Their songs are hard hitting with deep impact that makes you want to shake your hips and bang your head at the same time, their attitude is purely indie rock ‘n’ roll with front man Mathias Rohde encompassing the true charisma, cheek, and sex appeal required of greatness, and their presence on stage is undeniable.

The band commanded attention immediately with album opener, ‘Wieso, backed by their 2016 album track, ‘Chérie’ and the infectious ‘Staub und Schutt’.

Just three songs in, Rohde grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat already dripping down his face from the sheer amount of energy he was putting into each track, and then they jetted straight into the arty ‘Komm mal rüber bitte’. Taking things back down for the funky jam ‘Alles was ich gerne hätte, the echoes of crowd singing was piercing. Working their way through more crowd favourite ‘Westkreuz’, ‘Lieferandomann’, and ‘Lisa’, the trio had every person in the room in the gips of their hand.

‘30 Segways, ein Ferrari’ pushed Von Wegen Lisbeth into overdrive for the final monster hits to round out the main set. As cries for drowned out the band room, they succumb to the constant taunting sending a drum stick off into the walls of people for an audience participation rendition of ‘Meine Kneipe. ‘Sweet Lilly’ and my personal favourite, ‘Drüben bei Penny’, closed out what was a mammoth main set of hits and show-stopping tunes. By the end of the set Rohde’s white towel was well and truly soaked, half a bottle of the beer was down the hatch, the stage banter was beyond compare and the crowd were truly animalistic with excitement.

The band caved to a persistent punter and delivered their highly regarded version of ‘Wenn du tanzt’. The roars upon announcement were deafening and the tune garnered the biggest sing-along of the night. Punters grazed the roof atop of shoulders and fists punched the air for their power-driven chorus in a real Breakfast Club way to round out a killer evening.

After this set, there is no denying that Von Wegen Lisbeth are one of Germany’s most exciting acts at the moment and that they have all of the right ingredients to achieve real indie rock star royalty status.

Photographer: ©Richie Racoon


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