Roskilde Festival Day 1: Arrival day

J.N. June 30, 2019

Saturday means arrival day and a few hours on a train to get to Roskilde. The editor is doing his 28th Roskilde Festival, every year since 1992, and have some experience of travelling but is not used to the comfy train rides from Hamburg. Every Roskilde trip by train from Sweden has been crowded; the Hamburg trip was something different and not until Odense, in Denmark, the train was filled up with young festival-goers.

Five beers later we arrived at the Roskilde station and the editor parted from the Camp Vienna’s camp manager Mr. M. and took a cab to the check-in center of the festival (huge thanks to the two lovely Danish dudettes who shared the ride – I still owe you beer!). An hour of confusion later – nobody seemed to know where the press camp was located – the Messed!Up mobile office was up! As been promoted ahead of the festival, this is going to be a massive coverage of Camp Vienna United, and after getting things in order we set off for the Vienna’s campsite somewhere at Settle & Share.

I learned many things last year from covering Camp Vienna and one of those things was that a good party always comes first, organization second, and the first night at the festival was somewhat a new experience for the editor. Camp members turned up one after another during the evening and every new member had to be celebrated with some sort of strong alcohol, and a few members later made the first night kind of turned into a fuzzy memory.

Camp Wolfpack, the Californian/Orlando Americans, turned up early – always a good sign in terms of party, never a good sign if you want to have a calm first day – and were followed by a steady stream of people from all over Germany that hadn’t met since last year, and that had to be celebrated with a few shots, right?

Somewhere around midnight everyone had arrived and the celebrations started for real but for the editor the night was over. Too many “celebrations” and an early morning took him home to the media camp to plan (which never happened) for the first band coverage day.

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