Puppy @The Underworld (London): Review

J.N. May 28, 2019

If you want to get the attention of the band you’re about to review, be sure to post something about their live show on Instagram, especially pointing out the fake flames because they will reply and defend their stage crew: “There is nothing fake about our flames. Countless pyro technicians work tirelessly to create the illusion of magic purple fire“. We love dudes with a good sense of humor.

Mutts or mongrel puppies are so crossbred they don’t belong to one recognized breed. The same can be said for Puppy. Puppy basically created a brand on their own. Just look at album art and merch, they’re giving everything its own look and feel.

From the very start they‘ve had a very unique sound; they’ve found a crossover between ‘80s metal and melodic rock/pop layered with the same unique crossbreed of alt-rock/melodic rock vocals, and at the moment there’s no other band who achieves such a recognizable sound. All of that is represented on their much anticipated debut album “The Goat” released on Spinefarm Records in January this year, and described as a genre-bustin’ album by music media.

And right from the start at this night at The Underworld in Camden the crowd made sure it was about to be a memorable night; a shoe barely missed my head to the tunes of “Black Hole” but I was more worried that the young lad (yeah, it was a typical young lad shoe, it smelled like that) would have to walk home with just one shoe and politely handed it back just to see him throw it in another direction. Beers and awesome music makes people freak out, ey?

When “Poor Me” blasted out the speakers the first crowd surfer fell to the ground – what goes up, always comes down – and at that point I realized that the crowd was as diverse as Puppy’s sound; metal heads, hardcore kids, pop punk fans, retired rockers all in one pot, and all potential crowd surfers.

At the start of “Arabella” off the amazing 2016 EP “Vol II”, stagedivers started to cue up, fake flames sparkled brighter than ever and I think I saw the same shoe pass like an American football across the venue for the tenth home run this night. Just right after to the tunes of the amazing “Forever” the words “Come away with me into the underworld” resonated hard in this legendary Camden venue.

The set ended up in some weird craziness to an encore introduced with “Vengeance” and something that sounded like “Demons” but it was too rowdy to hear. It all culminated in a pool of people on stage, head banging, moshing and people celebrating partially themselves and partially Puppy whose future look even brighter than the fake flames on stage. They’re playing Reading and Leeds later this year, just saying.

The next time you end up at a Puppy gig, and we for sure recommend you to do it, be sure to put special attention to the fake flames and consider all those man hours used to create the illusion of magic purple fire. Cheers guys!

Photographer: ©Sophie Dobschall


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