Ho99o9 @Knust (Hamburg): Review

Lennard Boldt May 15, 2019

Everyone who visits festivals regularly knows the experience of walking past a stage and seeing an unknown band deliver a fantastic set. In my case the first time this happened was at Melt Festival 2016 and the band was Ho99o9. Between hip-hop, indie and techno I just witnessed the most awesome mosh pit of my life with these guys. However, I still haven’t taken the time to listen to one full album of them yet but I take every opportunity I can to see them live.

It seems like besides their wild genre mix and rowdy gigs, they have a talent for bringing some of the weirdest support acts I’ve seen to date. While the concert two years ago at Hafenklang started with a girl throwing up on stage, Plack Blague opened this night; an EBM duo with fetish outfits and hammering beats that quickly brought everyone to the dancefloor. People in the first rows just went completely nuts. With some short excursions into gabba and techno, I had more fun than at some techno raves itself.

A few minutes after Plack Blague left people to recover a bit, Ho99o9 appeared on stage and everyone who went there just because they were promised to see the hottest punkrock show of the year may have wondered why the guitars were missing. All layer of sounds beside the live drums are just triggered via midi controllers by theOGM. But I’m more than sure that it just took the first song, “Street Power”, to clear out any doubts about why there weren’t any live guitars, they probably would have been smashed into pieces in seconds anyway because the inferno theOGM and Eaddy put out on stage.

From the very first second till the last song I experienced one of the rowdiest mosh pits in my life. It took just a few minutes before phones, shoes and underwear started to fall from the sky because of some crazy crowd surfing, and I got my fair share of elbows in the face. My nose just got rammed into the skull and after just three songs it was already time for me to leave the pit to recover and fix that nose.

If you thought that the band would calm down while the crowd just continued their riot you’re wrong, you’re bad ass wrong. Eaddy takes every opportunity to jump into the crowd and fight in the mosh pit while singing. It worked out fine for most of the concert until the mic cable was ripped off. Clearly not an unusual problem for him and a replacement cable were thrown-out to him immediately.

Any doubts that the high energy of concerts at smaller venues gets lost was unnecessary. It was wild through-out the gig and it didn’t matter if it was a punk or trap pouring out the speakers, you were surrounded by flying and falling people who tried their best to survive in front of that stage.

The emotional highlight of the night were for sure those The Prodigy covers they pulled off. Before Keith Flint’s tragic death they toured and even recorded a song together. After some words of condolence, they played a mash-up of well-known The Prodigy songs followed up with their collaboration with The Prodigy on their latest album, the final song “Fight Fire With Fire”.

I didn’t see an ambulance in front of Knust this evening, but I’m quite sure that some people still struggle with injuries from this night.

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