MID CITY: Adrenaline filled indie rock explosion of the anthemic kind

J.N. April 30, 2019

In February we added our lovely Australian Geelong dudettes Ms. Tammy and Ms. Lucinda to the Messed!Up team and it didn’t even take an hour before we were introduced to loads of new exciting bands from Australia.

After great bands as DMA’s and British India there’s a new star on the rise. Joel, Ben, Tim and James of Melbourne four-piece MID CITY create some truly infectious indie rock and during their two years of existence the lads have amassed praise and love across Australia and caused quite a stir on the scene.

Just a few weeks ago they unleashed the power of their debut EP “Die Waiting”, an adrenaline filled indie rock explosion of the anthemic kind that will cause the hords of fans to sing along at gigs. POPHRT nailed it calling the EP an “all killer no filler, pedal to the metal, balls to the wall adrenaline packed banger from start to finish that will leave you drenched in sweat and trying to catch your breath”.

Now, there’s a showcase festival in Hamburg in September called Reeperbahn Festival. Just get up here in the north lads, you will for sure have a thirty-date tour in the UK and Germany after that one.

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