Matrix & Futurebound: Veterans on the drum and bass scene with a new album

J.N. April 23, 2019

They’re not new, they’re not inexperienced, at all, and they’re certainly not young dudes trying to get established on the scene. Jamie “Matrix” Quinn and Brendan”Futurebound” Collins aka Matrix & Futurebound have put out music, individually, since mid nineties and as a duo for fifteen years, but just like many drum and bass acts they haven’t released that many full albums. However, just two weeks ago their sophomore record “Mystery Machine” hit the brick and mortars, a smashing piece of drum and bass beats with many great guest artists on vocals and the editor already pre-ordered the vinyl version although it’s just half as many songs as on the online release.

Matrix & Futurebound are one of drum and bass’s most consistent and high profile producer/DJ duos and are considered two of the big players on the scene. We have written a lot about the drum and bass scene in Messed!Up although finding high quality drum and bass in Germany in general and Hamburg in particular is likely to happen first after we terraformed Jupiter, but if you want to find an easy entry point to the scene, Matrix & Futurebound will guide you in the right direction. If you don’t like what they dom you will probably not like anything on the scene because these dudes are drum and bass legends!

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