TRAITRS @LOGO (Hamburg): Live review

Lennard Boldt March 25, 2019


The venue Logo has a special place in my heart. I spent countless hours of my teenage years (sounds nostalgic, but they’re not that long gone) visiting my favorite hardcore punk bands there, stage diving, moshing and sometimes even hanging from the ceiling. Seeing TRAITRS and Holygram there was a different experience for sure, but the memories of these days brought me in that perfect mood of melancholy that you need for post-punk bands like these bands.

I rarely mention the support act in reviews, but his time it would have been a criminal act not doing that, considering that TRAITRS delivered a hell of a show.

They had some serious technical problems with their sound coming out of their Roland SP 404 at the beginning of the concert, which is an essential part of the live show of the two-man group. After lots of frustration and some tense minutes of waiting the backing tracks finally worked out again.

The set started out with “Pale”, the first song of their latest album “Butcher’s Coin”. Any concern that a two-piece entailing a guitarist, a keyboarder but no live drummer wouldn’t be able to deliver a high energy performance, were proved wrong – completely wrong.

Shawn and Sean gave everything they had, jumping around on stage, shredding the guitar and pounding the keys of the SH-201. Obviously, a big part of the audience was here to see both bands and not just Holygram. A wildly moving dude in the first row – if you can talk about rows at Logo – who literally had his own sing-along contest, stood out especially.

The set reflected everything which makes TRAITRS so awesome and why their latest album is in the 2018 Top 10 of Messed!Up’s best albums. Every song has its own beautiful sad vibe and you are torn between sadness and the feeling of bursting into tears, and doing some club moves. Tonight that choice was easy: we went dancing!

Ten songs later a one hour long set ended with “Omen” and the boys left the stage soaked in sweat, but cheerful. But the euphoric fans wanted more and for the first time in my history of concerts, the support act came back on stage to play an encore. And it was justified.

TRAITRS setlist:

  • Pale
  • Still From Her Soes
  • Skinning
  • Witch Trials
  • The Suffering of Spiders
  • Thin Flesh
  • The Lovely Wounded
  • Hand of Holy Fingers
  • Youth Cults
  • Omen


  • Heretic


Holygram (no photos)

Holygram went on stage within minutes after TRAITRS left and unfortunately technical problems struck again and the entire first minutes were without working sound from the kick drum. As singer Patrick Blümel mentioned, this one is quite important for every song and with a spontaneous technical operation on stage the problem got fixed. The technicians didn’t had their best night, that’s for sure.

Holygram’s gear worked out again and within a few minutes they started with album intro “Into the Void” followed by “Modern Cults”. The whole band was wrapped in their signature color of blue and purple, flooding the stage from the spotlights, and added to that of course fog, lots of fog! Besides the singer I didn’t really manage to see the rest of the band, just their shadows in the warped lights – and we’re talking Logo, one of the smallest venues in Hamburg. Well done lads! A nightmare for every photographer but much appreciated by me, because it fits perfect to the music.

Before I forget to mention it; Patrick Blümel is the definition of cool. Long coat, sun glasses and some serious dance moves combined with finger snaps while strobes were flickering from behind through the haze, were cool already in the eighties. And as he showed tonight, it’s for sure still the definition of ultimate coolness today.

They continued their set following the order of the album most of the time. The only change was the addition of “Daria” and “Acceleration” after “Hideaway”, and some serious promotion of their newest single “She’s Like The Sun” in the encore, which brought this evening to a perfect end. Driving rhythms, dreamy synth lines and guitars with lots of reverb going on and on. If you would ask me, they could go on with that forever.

I left Logo happy and started my way home. Outside of the venue a woman photographed the concert poster and said to her friend: “I mustn’t forget the name of the support band, they were awesome!”. A treat for TRAITRS: new fans.

Holygram setlist:

  • Into the Void
  • Modern Cults
  • A Faction
  • Signals
  • Dead Channel Skies
  • Hideaway
  • Daria
  • Acceleration
  • Still There
  • Odd Neighbourhood
  • Distant Light


  • 1997
  • She’s Like the Sun

Photographer: Mandy Privenau
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