side effects: Psychedelic youngsters the future of the Swedish music scene

Sometimes it pays off to be a pain in the ass, especially when you get picked up by the frontman of the band you just stalked – leading to a support gig – to be his backing band when he embarked on a solo tour. That’s the story of how Stockholm four-piece side effects (small letters) started their career by playing together as The Indigo Children with Ebbot Lundberg, the frontman of legendary The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

In 2011 they released debut EP “Feel Flows” and two years later the indie pop and psychedelic rock mashup debut album “A Walk In The Space Between Us”, and in just a few days, on January 11th, they release their sophomore album “Some Other Day”. It’s all about a modern take on psychedelic rock of the sixties but coated in indie pop tunes of the 2010s, just like the lovechild of Tame Impala and The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

On Monday January 14th they’ll support Friska Viljor at Uebel & Gefährlich – be there!

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