The Story

Messed!Up is about passion for music! The magazine started on March 1st 2018 after the editor had a work hiatus for two weeks and became a burden to people around him. After doing interviews together with Hamburg’s best photographer for other magazines, Messed!Up was founded a cold day in February 2018 after spending a night with electropunk music and a few Mexicaner by people with much experience of work in the msuic industry whose are just tired their boring jobs take too much time from their passion for music. The Messed!Up crew is made up of people with professional connections to the music industry, as music researchers, DJ’s, photographers, concert organizers and many other skills and talents that taken together constitute the creative melting pot of Messed!Up Magazine.

We are an independent online music magazine with a focus on a wide range of music genres. In fact, we don’t exclude any music genre at all – good vibes will always find its way into Messed!Up. We are an international magazine operating from Sweden and Germany but with staff spread out over the world covering bands in, to mention a few locations, London, Hamburg, Gothenburg and Amsterdam, and our goal is to help music fans to discover new, great music, in particular bands and artists finding it difficult to reach out to the crowd of listeners.

Our primary ambition is to publish interviews, photo galleries, guide the reader through the wide range of festivals we attend every year, and present research on music industry developments that affect artistic work. We don’t have the ambition to review albums or promote things we don’t find interesting; our primary interest is to reach beyond the ordinary news and rumors and let bands and artists be the center of attention.

Feel free to leave us some feedback and please let us know if you’d like to contribute to Messed!Up in some way.

//Editor Jimi Nilsson