shi offline: A sonic electropoppy immersion with Fever Ray-ish razor sharp vocals

J.N. October 8, 2019

Take the best and electro-noisiest pieces of electropop icons The Knife and Fever Ray, and put a frontwoman behind the mic that vocally reminds us of a fusion between The Knife’s Karin Dreijer and Die Antwoord’s Yolandi. What would you get out of that? shi offline!

The Hamburg electronica two-piece entailing vocalist Alisa Tsybina and producer Gordian Gleiß changed band name (formerly The Other Shi) but continued their electropop project and intense live shows. The BPM count is at a low, giving the synths, in their various guises, room to hang and hover, and the vocals room to brood. Alisa’s pitch-shifted voice and chiming parallel fifths combined with Gleiß experimental rhythms are enough to make the hairs on your arm stand on end. 

After signing to Audiolith Records the duo are ready to release debut album “Golaya”, a fourteen-track strong story that offers offer glitchy, dusky electronica. The release date is set for October 18th, but if you happen to live in Hamburg just come out for a release party at Gängeviertel already on the 17th!

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