Gender Roles at Boston Music Room (London): Review

Guest photographer-journalist October 6, 2019

Brighton-based, Gender Roles started off their UK tour at London’s Boston Music Room Thursday night, celebrating their debut album PRANG, released August 30th on Big Scary Monsters.

The show was an absolute blast; the indie-punk three-piece played a very fun set of tunes (dare I say, bangers?) with fans singing and dancing along to each and every one. As the record is still only a little over a month old, it was awesome to see these songs performed live for the first time. Boasting a wild pit, this venue was full to the brim, and with the cold reality that summer has come to an end (I’m not ready!) setting in, this was the warm and welcoming environment we all needed.

With catchy instrumental arrangements and powerful lyrics, PRANG is a record that I have been listening to regularly over the past few weeks, and from the energy and excitement in the room, I could tell that I certainly wasn’t the only one! Well-deserved and well-received, Thursday night was a good time all round.

Given the critical acclaim afforded by PRANG, unsurprisingly there are low ticket warnings in place for some shows on this current run of shows, while others have already sold out. But hey, if they aren’t in a city near you YET, or you can’t make it down to a show, give them a listen on your preferred steaming service, or even better, buy their new record. You won’t regret it!

Journalist: Gemma Teagle
Photographer: Connor Laws


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