Messed!Up presents Belarus punkers Messed Up

J.N. September 10, 2019

Already from the start of Messed!Up Magazine we received lots of mails from bands that asked for a coverage and in the beginning we actually had time to listen to most it. As we have been lucky to grow our fanbase quite much it brought with it a lot more requests – a lot more! Today we rarely have time to go through the pile of bands that send us requests but at times things turn up that we really can’t ignore.

This summer we got a message from a feminist punk act from Belarus – called Messed Up. You can’t really ignore a band with such a love name, especially when they play what we like most, punk music!

But who are Messed Up?

Messed Up started out four years ago – celebrating their fourth birthday in June this year – not only sharing a great taste in music but also similar political views (yes, punk is political, that’s how it is) building on feminism, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-ageism, and anti-fascism, although you won’t find it explicitly in the lyrics.

Many of Messed Up’s songs deal with how a post-Soviet society favours an ordinary person, and how people in positions of power oppress those who choose to live differently, and the exposure of “injustice, hypocrisy and dishonesty” are the driving forces behind their fight for justice.

However, the band refuses to be held back by the fact that freedom of expression is limited in their country. Punk rock is struggling in Belarus, but those at the forefront are still fighting to be heard.

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