The Overlookers: Dekad and Foretaste members join forces to unleash debut electropop album

J.N. August 14, 2019

Quite often it happens that we get new music sent to Messed!Up’s office in Hamburg and although our intention is to listen to it all, it’s almost imposible to find time – we’re talking hours of music! However, when we do we actually find stuff that inspires us, and when there’s synthwave bands around the corner, a genre many of us are die hard fans of, there’s very much inspiration.

A few weeks ago we got a package from the French label BOREDOMproduct and among the pile of CD’s we found the debut album of synthwavers The Overlookers. Inspired by American vintage red cars, thriller movies and synthetic sounds, they deliver an explosive mixture of electropop, synthwave and 80s soundtracks, building their unique sound on the members main projects (hopefully The Overlookers will be the main project now) Foretaste and Dekad. 

Get onboard the Moogadillac for a fast ride fueled with analog sounds, electronic boogie and synthetic ballads!

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